Why Evangelize?

Sharing the Gospel of Christ
Why Evangelize? I am one who prays often for God to bless me with the gift of Evangelism. As such, I notice when Christians say, “Oh I just can’t do that, it isn’t me”, or “I am not comfortable with that” etc… When I read Matthew 28:16-20, (and I just did again to confirm my thought), it says nothing about being optional, or your comfort level. The truth is that often times we are either too lazy to invest the energy or too wrapped up in our own circumstances to care about that other persons eternity. Many times, it may be simply a sense of inadequacy or nervousness that keeps us quiet when the Holy Spirit prompts us to act. Both of those symptoms of inaction are self-correcting. When you jump out of your nervousness into faith enough times you will grow to be more effective! The “why” we should is very simple, it was commanded by Jesus as His last words from earth to His beloved disciples, it must therefore be very important! Also, think of this, if someone had not stepped out of their comfort zone, or risen above their sense of inadequacy you dear Christian would still be facing Death and Hell for eternity. Matthew 4:19 says “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men” (nkjv). When my dad was on what turned out to be his deathbed, he had a moment of clarity (in the final stages of lung cancer, lots of morphine is needed) when he looked to the corner of his room (where no one was) and said, “no, I don’t wanna go yet”. ( I now believe God had me see that as a warning for my future as I was not yet committed to Christ). There was a fear in his eyes as he said this. I was staring straight at him, it was clear and unmistakable. He did not want to go with whatever was there calling him. My dad never ever said a Spiritual word in his life, never said God or Jesus unless there was a four letter word attached to it. Even at that stage of Spiritual immaturity ( I had been baptized, but fallen away from my faith) I recognized the need for Prayer. He quickly fell into unconsciousness and lingered for several hours before dying. During this time I took his hand and asked him (if he could hear me) to Pray the words I was using, even if only in his own mind, for forgiveness and acceptance of the gift of Grace from Jesus. I do not know if he did it or if he did, if it was accepted by God, I can only wait and hope. This experience is, I think, the spur under my saddle to “Share the Gospel of Christ” with all people everywhere! So please, take heed as you read these words, do not let anyone in your family die without knowing for sure that you did Share the Gospel of Christ and their lot is cast of their own decisions, not your insecurity, or comfort level. When my mom died a few years later my sister found a note in her Bible saying “on [this date] I give my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour!! Praise God, Hallelujah!! She is home! If you Pray for wisdom and opportunity to effect someone’s eternity, be ready for it, God will provide! You need to be open to the prompting of the Spirit and ready to be an example or a kind word, or a teacher, or whatever God needs you to be for that person. He will guide you, and give you security and confidence (read Exodus 3 and 4). Remember, Matthew 28:20 promises Jesus will be with us “even to the end of the age”

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